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through other circumstances. The work of analysis which is
necessary for the thorough explanation and complete cure of a
case of sickness does not stop in any case with the experience
of the time of onset of the disease, but in every case it goes back
to the adolescence and the early childhood of the patient. Here
only do we hit upon the impressions and circumstances which
determine the later sickness. Only the childhood experiences
can give the explanation for the sensitivity to later traumata
and only when these memory traces, which almost always are
forgotten, are discovered and made conscious, is the power
developed to banish the symptoms. We arrive here at the same
conclusion as in the investigation of dreams  that it is the
incompatible, repressed wishes of childhood which lend their
power to the creation of symptoms. Without these the reac-
tions upon later traumata discharge normally. But we must
 consider these mighty wishes of childhood very generally as
sexual in nature."

As Freud himself expresses the matter, " the theory
culminates in the sentence: In a normal vita sexualis
no neurosis is possible." *

According to the theory, the repressed wish ex-
presses itself in surrogates (by a process of "conver-
sion")? and tims leads to the anomalous symptoms

"We come to the conclusion, from working with hysterical
patients and other neurotics, that they have not fully succeeded
in repressing the idea to which the incompatible wish is at-
tached. They have, indeed, driven it out of consciousness and

1" Selected Papers on Hysteria and other Psychoneuroses,"
p. 188.