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PSYCHOLOGICAL METHODS                247

sciousness of the individual, or that they spring from exactly
the same sort of repressed wishes and complexes which we have
learned to know already as the creators of symptoms and

In employing " controlled association," the psycho-
analyst reads the patient a number of "stimulus-
words/7 For each stimulus-word the patient gives
the "reaction-word" (or words) first aroused in his
mind by association. Example;

STMtJLUS-WOKD                                           REACTION-WORD

"head                                       foot

green                                      blouse

water                                      clear

to sing                                    children

dead                                       do not like

long                                        short

ship                                        forth

to pay                                    bills

window                                   room

friendly                                  children

table                                       chair

to ask                                     all kinds

cold                                        warm*'

From the relations between the stimulus- and
reaction-words the psychoanalyst endeavors to fathom
the patient's "repressed wishes" and sift the refuse
of his "subconscious mind."

For "free association" the procedure is as follows;
1 Freud, loc* at, p* 24.