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PSYCHOLOGICAL METHODS                249

In analyzing the material obtained, the physician
interprets its symbolic nature. The procedure is
most readily exemplified in the psychoanalyst's
interpretation of dreams. The dream of a Rou-
manian priest is thus recorded and interpreted by

"I tried to lease a residence from a certain Frau Kdnig.
The residence was not to be had; but it was promised to me for
a later date. This occurred in my native town, and not in the
town where I live at present."

According to Stekel, engaging the residence refers
to establishing a liaison. "Frau Konig" is a com-
posite representation of four women, one of them
the patient's mother. The reference to the patient's
native town implies incestuous desires or propen-

The following dream (of the wife of a " Wachmann")
is recorded by Freud:2

"Then some one broke into the house, and she called appre-
hensively to a policeman. But the policeman went with two
pilgrims into a church. Many steps led up to the church,
and behind the building there was a hill, and above, a thick
forest The policeman had a brown beard, and he was wearing
a helmet, a gorget, and a mantle. The two travelling students,
who went peacefully with the policeman, were wearing sack-
like aprons around the loins. In front of the church a path led
up to the MIL On both sides this path was overgrown with

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