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grass and brambles; these grew thicker in the ascent, and on
top of the hill formed a veritable forest***

According to Freud's interpretation, the various

objects of the dream symbolize different parts of the
male and female genltaHa,
The psychoanalyst finds somewhat analogous ren*

derings for practically all the material obtained.

The therapeutic process consists, then, In tracing
the putative connection between the morbid symp-
toms and the "psychic trauma**; or, as the psycho*

analyst sometimes puts it, in restoring the contents
of the "subconscious mind" to consciousness. The
therapy consists, further, in talking the matter over,1

This supposedly affords the patient an opportunity
for liberating the "imprisoned emotions" through
normal channels, thus neutralizing thtk process of
"conversion." Freud goes so far as to say that

the treatment has no curative effect if the patient
does not experience emotion when reproducing
the "traumatic scene." The "pathogenic wish11 is

"directed to a higher goal/1 is rejected by thi* better
faculties, or is brought into reconcilement with the
patient's conscience. Then, if the patient is going
to get well, he does so,

As a semi-scientific novelty, psychoanalysis
been employed in treating stammering.   The results

l One of Breuer*» patients ha» facetiously cWgmttecl the treat-
mtnt "the talking cure1* or "chimney