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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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stances of any other. Moreover, with symbolism
there is usually an infinity of possible interpretations,
and no one but the psychoanalyst knows that his
particular interpretation is correct. Furthermore,
the wish and the repression are gratuitously adduced;
and must be sustained when reason affirms the exist-
ence of neither.1

It is probable that the prevalence of " sexual trau-
mata" has not been overestimated by the psycho-
analysts, for Homo sapiens is but an animal with
an assortment of somewhat undependable inhibi-
tions. But psychoanalysts admit that "sexual trau-
mata" are no more common among their patients
than among persons free from neuroses; hence it is
evident that even if their theories are correct, but half
of the story has as yet been told.

Psychoanalysis, when it proves effectual, most
probably works through suggestion. The objection
to this theory is that some of the earliest patients
were benefited in a "pre-suggestive" period. The
objection to this objection is that hysterical and
neurotic patients are often highly suggestible; and
that when these early (female) patients submitted
themselves to psychic treatment and willingly bared

1 Why, for Instance, should sexual symbolism be employed to inter-
pret the respectable dreams of an intelligent and healthy-minded
person that has normal sexual appetences of which he is totally
unashamed and which he does not endeavor to "repress"?