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" STAMMERING-SCHOOLS "                261

5.  A Representative Belgian System

Open the mouth wide.
Inhale through the mouth.
Produce sound Immediately.

Study the physiological production of the different conson-
ants and vowels.


Breathing-exercises, with respiration occurring through the

Breathing-exercises, with respiration occurring through the


Vocal and articulatory exercises.
Exercises for developing precision of thought (reciting;

reading; replying to questions, etc.).
Memory-culture  learning and reciting passages by heart,


6.  A Representative German System

Speak slowly and quietly (and think in a quiet and orderly


Speak in a moderately loud voice.

Be sure of what you are going to say, and know how you
are going to say it,

Do not attempt to say everything at once; but speak syl-
lable by syllable, word by word, and thought by thought,

Inhale deeply (through the mouth) before speaking; do
not raise the shoulders.

Speak in a' rather low pitch.

Begin quietly,, and prolong the initial vowel.

Regard the initial consonant of one word as the final con-
sonant of the word preceding,

Regard the sentence as a single word, and run the syllables