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\                         262    SYSTEMS OF TREATING STAMMERING

ff i

I l

| I                              Never direct the expiratory pressure upon the consonant,

|! j                                 but always upon the vowel.

I !                              Take the vowel-position promptly.

[ j                              Do not waste the breath before speaking;  but commence

\ \                                 promptly.

I |                              Speak with plenty of breath, and speak in a low voice.1


\  \                              Gymnastic exercises.

j  !                              Respiratory exercises.    *

j                                Vocal exercises.

J  |                             Articulatory exercises.

j  I                              Speaking before a mirror.

}                               Reading;   reciting;   completing  sentences;    replying  to

|                                 questions; relating anecdotes; reading dialogue; etc.


I                                                  /. A Representative Danish System

| J                              Speak slowly  as slowly as possible at the beginning of

j                                 treatment.

j                              Avoid flurry and excitement.

j                              Listen quietly when addressed; reflect, then reply  quietly

I                                 and with composure.

Prolong the vowel of the initial syllable.

<                              Respire strongly; regard the mouth as merely an air pas-


Repress useless movements of the head, shoulders, feet, etc.
I                              Do not lay stress upon the consonant;  do not separate it

i                                 from the vowel.

1                              Begin the vowel gently  without effort.

Open the mouth before speaking.

1A " low voice" and a " moderately loud voice " seem incompatible.
i                           The rules given above are, however, quoted or abbreviated from

j                           printed instructions.