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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Speaking in a monotone.

Speaking in low pitch,

Speaking naturally -— from memory, extemporaneously, etc,

Practising before a minur,

Practising internal »|>eech, etc., etc.

p. ^4

Inhale slowly and deeply.

Control the breath in its outward

Speak immediately <w beginning to rxttak*; avoid           gf

breath both before* one! during jtfHvvh,
Speak the initial gyllahlt* with extreme curt*.
Speak slowlyf hut loudly HIM! dearly,
Speak with moderate vigor.

Ling's Swedish gymnastic

Respiratory exttrcbwH  " with ami without a

Vocal exerdHCtt.

Artkulatory exerciftCH.

Reading —• syliatiirally and naturally,

Answering qut^tionn.

Reiicling and paraphrasing Htoricn.

Dialogue- reeling.

Accommodating onciwif to iHlrrrii|*tiofw,               to


The reader will naturally inquire;   What are the
possibilities of achieving a cure with            tiiffm'nt

systems? It would tie morw to tht* jxiint, |xrrha{itt,
to speak of jmpOHHihilities; hut we will c-ontiiuif. -
The writer recently wrote to the principal of an Amer-
ican stammoring-ttchool to aHCcrluin, if |H>»dlbks the