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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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" STAMMERING-SCHOOLS "                269

mering," —the subject's inability to speak, his
physical effort in making the attempt, his bewilder-
ment and fear, his emotive respiratory disturbances,
and a dozen other secondary causes and symptoms.
And this "stammering" they assail as a unitary
speech-defect. Failure is naturally inevitable.1

It does not necessarily follow, of course, from the
nature of past experience, that stammering is usually
an incurable defect; ,but it does follow that the
remedial systems commonly employed are grossly

The reader may now inquire: How is it that most
of the "world's greatest" "speech specialists" guaran-
tee to cure stammering?

The answer is, of course, that they do not. When
the man in the picture points his finger at you and
says, "I guarantee to cure stammering," he is lying.
What "speech specialists" represent as a guarantee
to cure is merely a promise to refund the fees in case
of failure:

*( I hereby agree to return at any time all tuition fees paid
by you, should my treatment fail to cure you of your impedi-
ment of speech; provided that you have in all particulars
strictly followed my instructions." 2

1 It is so inevitable that many "specialists" reveal practically
their entire systems in "free trial lessons" intended to attract prospec-
tive pupils to their respective institutions.

a Form of an English guarantee.