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But most of these " iron-clad " guarantees will not
bear inspection. Tlie following is the reply of an
American " speech-specialist" to a prospective pupil
that had requested a copy of the .much-vaunted "legal

"I am in receipt of your letter this morning, answering which
I wish to say my guarantee is a written receipt for the money
paid me for tuition."

A copy of the receipt could not be obtained.
Another American "specialist" thus responds to a.
similar request:

"I am in receipt of your letter of March 4th and replying
thereto will say that our Guarantee Certificates are not for
distribution. I wish to emphasize the fact, though,, that the
Certificate will be issued to you the minute you enroll in this
institute as a pupil."

"Enroll as a pupil"! This means, of course,
"pay the necessary fee." The student first parts
with his money, and then receives what is virtually a
written statement that he has been deluded.

These guarantees are of the flimsiest character,1

1 "I guarantee to cure any case of stammering or stuttering I
accept for treatment, and am willing to refund every cent paid as
tuition if I do not fulfil my agreement to the very letter, by not im-
parting such instructions, which, if followed, will effect a cure."

" Mr.----- guarantees that the-----system, duly carried out un-
der his guidance, affords the means of overcoming impediments of