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" STAMMERING-SCHOOLS "                 273


in the course he should take exception to irregularities,
he is expeditiously gagged with another "silence
period." If he fails to observe silence, he is expelled
as unruly.1 He has practically no alternative but to
submit to the imposture and hope that the burlesque
treatment will prove effective.  The average student
avoids friction and ultimately signs the statement of
satisfaction (for there is no alternative; and he has,
moreoever, usually improved). He then continues to
perform the prescribed exercises, and finds months
after leaving the institution that he has been hope-
lessly defrauded. At this juncture he can secure a
refundment of the fees only with the greatest diffi-
culty. The "iron-dad" guarantee is worthless, and
he can obtain redress only by resort to litigation,

A few years ago the writer followed a case in which
an ex-pupil of an American institution undertook
to enforce a return of the fees paid for a guaranteed
cure of his impediment,

A formal application for refundment educed the
following reply from the " specialist":

"Dear Sir;

"Answering your letter received this morning my contract
with you was fulfilled when you left my institution. I owe
you nothing. Your signature of entire satisfaction together

1 All of the foregoing remarks do not apply to all institutions that
**guarantee" to cure stammering. The writer is merely citing the
typical case.