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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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with the clause contained in the contract [the "Application"]
signed by you referring to my non-liability in case of recurrence
of difficulty, covers the ground perfectly. . . .

"Very truly yours,

"Covers the ground perfectly"!   It is  evident           j

that the principal feels justifiable pride in the efficiency           J

of his technique.   It is evident, too, that the fees            |

will not be readily forthcoming., The following is           I

the more emphatic reply of the principal to a more           }
emphatic letter from the student:

"Dear Sir:                                                                                         ;

"Answering your letter of June 2oth received this morn-              ]

ing, I desire to say if you are having any difficulty in your talk-
ing it is due to your own neglect and carelessness and to the             t
non-fulfilment of requirement [beating time].                                       |

"Concerning any difficulty you may have experienced after             jj

leaving the school, there is printed across the face of the appli-              i

cation [note the word!] you signed when you entered my in-
stitution, a clause setting forth my non-liability referring to              ,',
the permanency of the cure.                                                                 ;

"Your daily report upon our record shows you reported no              j

difficulty whatever from the 3oth of August until the 13th of
October, the date of your leaving, at which time you expressed
yourself in the presence of witnesses, both verbally and in writ-
ing, as perfectly satisfied. Your signature appears attached to
the following:

"'The terms and conditions of my Application and Agree-              \

ment, Form No. 3307, having been fulfilled by -, I here-