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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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"STAMMERING-SCHOOLS"             '   275

with desire to express myself as perfectly satisfied with the
result of my treatment at the - School.

" (Signed)

"I am willing to have you take any action in the matter that
you may choose and am ready for you in more ways than one.

" Yours for perfect speech,

Here we have a veiled threat of personal violence.

The student, however, was not to be deterred; and
in reference to the technique he responded that, since
the "Guarantee" was invalid, he would prosecute
the principal for obtaining money by false pretenses.
The reply to this letter emanated from the "Law
Offices of  :

"Dear Sir;

" Your letter of the sgth ult. to Mr.------has been handed

to me for reply. I have examined the papers in this matter
and from your written acknowledgement of satisfaction as
to the fulfilment of Mr. 's agreement, your daily report
showing no difficulty for a long time previous to the leav-
ing of his Institute, from examining the conditions of your

signed contract [the "Application Blank"] releasing Mr.------

from liability in case of non-permanency of your cure and from
other testimony that he has laid before me, I have advised him
to tell you to proceed in any manner that you see fit.

" I have also had laid before me a letter written by you where-
in you formally notify Mr.  that you will prosecute him
for obtaining 'this money' by false pretenses, if said money is
not duly refunded. You may not be familiar with our statutes,
and you must have been ill advised in writing such a letter. It