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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Is only fair to call your attention to a provtnhm In our law, Sec-
tion 11488, 3d volume* of OompileilLawsof Miihigun, wht*rt*»tt
if any person shall by printed conmumu'aiiim umliduunly
threaten to accuse anothvr of any rrimr wr offrmr with intrnt
to compel the penion HO thmittwtl tu do or rrfniin friini
any act against his will, that ilttr i&                  by

"Attoroeyfor -«~-«»»>

Now we have a browbeating lawyer threatening
unprisonmentf and an irate   ^prinupar1  threaten-
ing [Ksrsonal violence*   Verily flu* tedtuique is
developed. •"i- But in the instam'e we art* 4iiM;u^ingv

the student was unimpn4HHe<l by thin         of balder*

clash, and he shortly arrived iipmi the wene tu initiate
proceedings. But tin* technique was exttaunted, aiul
the student left in a few hours* with every cent of

Ms fees refunded.

(And this* principal ^ the                       - JH, If we

may believe him, devoting hin lift* ft* the nervine of

others*   And he %wwntw$ to curt* miy        of
mcring or stuttering that he accept H for treatment.)
So much for "legal guarantees.11

The instance cited alxwe (with everything but the
refundment of the money)         thu typical
of countless stammerers from numerous

schools,   Small wonder that there exiat, In^McleH
schools,  Ex-Pupils*                  for                     their