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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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" STAMMERING-SCHOOLS "                281

"Have derived great benefit from the course of treatment
received while attending your school"

" Since I came home I have been talking splendidly, having
had good opportunities, and putting myself to the test.

" If a person wiU follow your instructions it will be impossible
to stammer.*1

Etc., etc.

The "greatly benefited" testimonials usually mean
that the student is just leaving the institution and
has overcome physical stammering. But a week later
he may be ready to repudiate his indorsement and
denounce the principal as a quack. The writer has
known of several instances in which these were the
exact circumstances. The fact that a stammerer has
been temporarily benefited, and was for a short time
satisfied with the treatment, implies very little.

The "if instructions are followed" testimonials are
certainly interesting documents; and one wonders
how such vile encomiums come to be indited. The
facts are, of course, that the principals of stammering-
schools periodically solicit recommendations from
their former pupils; and that these ambiguous testi-
monials are given because of the principal's impor-
tunity, or are furnished in return "for value re-

"I gave Mr,------the testimonial he published because of

a promise by him to send me a book which he said would
assist me in perfecting my cure."