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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Tlie following is the promise of a German, stutter-
doctor that sells his victims an expensive book on the
" cure " of stammering:

"After you have written me your opinion of my book I will
send you some information and practical advice that will greatly
hasten the removal of your impediment."

The promise is made in a circular letter sent to
purchasers of the book shortly after the work has come
into their possession. The circular directly suggests
that the correspondents mention what progress they
have made and state the fact if they have accom-
plished a cure.

An American author of a trashy and expensive
book pays cold cash for testimonials:

"Whenever you can write me thus: 'Your book is the thing
I needed. I can apply its simple, natural principle, and it is
a home cure in deed and in truth to me/ you can get $5,00 as a
promised premium."

The author supplies the very words and pays his
correspondent five dollars to copy them. The same
gentleman pays "tendollars in gold'7 for testimonials
of cure.

These facts may account for some of the ambiguous
testimonials that are published. Perhaps few stam-
merers are tempted by offers of money "in gold,77
but no doubt many would be seduced by promises
of help in matters pertaining to their impediment.