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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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" STAMMERING-SCHOOLS"                285

tionists, etc., and make these facts of great avail in
their proclamations. But the facts imply no indorse-
ment of the "professor" or his system; the "pro-
fessor," indeed, may be virtually annihilated when
Ms paper comes under discussion.

Many ignorant quacks have their names on the
title-pages of ponderous (but worthless) volumes
on the subject of stammering. A large proportion
of these works are, of course, written by literary
"ghosts." The writer has in mind a "specialist"
that has written books on stammering comprising
together over a thousand pages. This gentleman
cannot spell the word "off." —The less illiterate
"specialists" frequently plagiarize or paraphrase
from recognized authors. One conversant with the
literature on stammering is constantly meeting old
friends in unexpected places, The writer recently
read a newly published and seemingly respectable
English work on stammering in which numerous
pages and paragraphs could be identified as literal
translations from the German.

The writings of the "specialists" usually contain a
revelation of ignorance. Naturally, the ignorance is
most in evidence when the authors attempt a dis-
play of knowledge. One writer tells us that —

" In mental operations we evolve thought, which causes a
slight elevation of temperature, a rearrangement of the brain cells
involved and necessarily an expenditure of energy,"