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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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The same author informs us that the jellyfish is
the lowest form of animal life. He also supplies the
information that the false vocal cords are devoid of

Another interesting writer conveys the information

"A man cannot open and shut the glottis, as he does Ms
mouth, by a voluntary effort."

Another ignoramus says:

"You do not find stammerers amongst savage and negro
races. Another curious fact  feminine stammerers far ex-
ceed masculine ones."

This writer also declares that stammering is a
" nervous functional distemper " similar to biting the

Numerous writers enter the ethnological field and
tell us that among the Chinese, stammering does not
exist.  But these "specialists" are always most
interesting when they confine themselves to their
major subject and tell us how they discovered "in-
tercostal breathing," or how they vocalize "sqwre
inches of breath" by controlling the "apreture1 of
the glottis." The reader can then discern with what
type of person he is dealing. He will not be surprised
at a "professor's" deficiency in knowledge, for the

1 One of the "World's Greatest" always talks of the "a^reture";
the word "aperture" does not occur in Ms vocabulary.