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" STAMMERING-SCHOOLS "                287

qualification for a world's greatest "speech specialist"
Is not merely colossal arrogance, but likewise colossal

Most "speech specialists" are obscurantists, and
they are naturally jealous of their secret methods.
The stammerer that enters an institution or takes a cor-
respondence course must usually sign an undertaking
not to divulge the "method" * or engage in the busi-
ness of treating stammering.

The principal of a German institution requires the
pupiPs signature to the following document:

"I promise not to divulge------*s Method, and especially

not to divulge it to other teachers of stammerers.2 I under-
take to pay a forfeit of five htmdred marks if I should violate
this agreement."

As a preliminary to enrolling in an English corre-
spondence school, the pupil must agree to keep mum
about the booklet that is lent him. The principal

requires Mm to undertake in writing 

"Not to disclose any part of its contents to any person,
and not to make, or allow to be made, a copy or note of any
part; nor to give instruction, advice, or information of any

1 Most of these secret methods have been frequently described in
the literature on stammering. The writer hopes and believes that
few of them have been omitted from these pages.

*It is not an uncommon practice for the "specialists" to send
bogus pupils from one institution to another to investigate rival