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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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kiixd to any one in future on stammering or defects in speech;
but when it is desired that friends should be made acquainted
with the system (which is in some cases advantageous), this
can be done by obtaining Mr.------'s previous consent, pro-
vided such friends are not themselves affected in speech."l

Such preposterous impudence!

For forty dollars the stammerer may lease from an
American "specialist" a "Home-Course of Instruc-
tion," the equipment for which includes a tin talking
machine. The following contract specifies the terms
on which the student borrows the paraphernalia:

"Desirous of being cured of my impediment of speech, I
herewith make application for a------Home-Course of In-
struction for the cure of Stammering and Stuttering as indicated
on the Order Blank hereto attached. If this, my application,
is accepted and the course furnished to me, I agree (to the best
of my ability) to faithfully carry out the instructions as directed.

"I agree, as a part of the consideration for the course, that

the 18------Records, and the------Guide, shall be used solely

for the treatment of my own impediment of speech, or in
case I have no such impediment of speech, then such Records

and-----Guide, above mentioned, will be used by only ONE

person to be designated and selected by me; that the said

Records and-----Guide are leased to me for and during my

life time, or for and during the life time of the person I may
designate and select to use the same, and I, myself will not,

1 The pupil must further pledge himself not to take the booklet
out of the United Kingdom without the principal's written consent.
He must undertake to pay a second fee; but this, says the principal,
"is, of course, not for the improvement or cure, but for the advice
and information at commencement in the same way as the first fee."