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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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sent us your recent  fetter                   t>       *                    far

stammering, and if you will writ** u* uWifrninn; vm trout*!**,
at the same time including your rrptk^ tn ihr qucMii'itH
In the enclufted Application            w*r will           ym         JIM

what you may expect  from the* wnMrjM?**n;l
we advise.

41 Among the many                                  to ihr

there art* few MI                  I** tin* sufiwr 44 *o                to

his frkndi m amfimunl sliiltrring    %ftii nnJy h ilir
phyilnil frameili?*lwrlril hut flu* iiKwW*f tiw mt\<\ H%* wtttc
in omc exists that it hcjthhy .ittiyfi i^ fir^juriitly
Those ptrsoiw whci twivu only CH .wi^ti.ilij*         with LWH nf
defective utterance In             m>rki>s, IAII !uvi* IHII a         UlrA

of the         of Iti victims*                 havr                lu

In the domestic drcfe, or in %iitijr*'t^ in *li^v
felt intenmtmi.   It k iiwlfni 4                     ^jmUt'lf t*i wrr t

youth, bom to * jcwd ixiillii* of              mtri)rt,

extensive informntioa,                                   ti              miiifiy,

ancl yett though w*             rultivatr*!,              tn        wrul n^

preMlon to IUH                                                      141           wtwi

listen to Mm, or                               in              , Inr,           tta

deaf^mutt* i pilini thu stuitiiiittrr i%                              at,

"But not only ii tb<* vblitit if ilrfrtfivr
from tht* |i!uiiMiirif$ of         inlm'tnurr, hi*         u!^* jtiv* up di
hopecif pr<ifiwintl             at lltr t^ir, th*r pulpit, flif

and               in               iwni                     mil fi

new        for which                           lib             r

fit hirau   There can t^ su> douht         ilrfiniivr
all the                        tif ytwth tititi                     ttir            and

mtsst eventually

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