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" STAMMERING-SCHOOLS                 293

Accompanying the form-letter Is usually a bundle of
literature describing the institution and lauding the
principal. The printed matter usually contains pic-
tures of the enormous classes attending the institution.
These pictures are commonly fakes; and the legion-
ary body constituting the class consists in part of the
principal's family, the office and teaching " staff/'
the servants, and anybody's friends that are accommo-
dating enough to sit for the picture. Frequently the
photograph is taken as a "souvenir" of some oc-
casion that has attracted a number of previously
invited -visitors.

But the essential part of all this literature is a ques-
tion-blank, from the replies to which the "specialist"
undertakes to give a scientific diagnosis of the case.
The questions usually disclose a keenly scientific mind.
 Have you any children? Do you use tobacco?
Your disposition? What are the names and ad-
dresses of other persons whom you know to stammer ?
The principal also inquires about one's occupation
and a number of things that might lead one to sup-
pose he was attempting a diagnosis of the bank ac-

The following is an interesting diagnosis by the
principal of an America stammering-school:

"Your trouble in, the beginning was largely physical; but
owing probably to the nervous strain and continued fear, it
has gradually developed and taken on certain phases of the