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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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mental form. Allowed to continue, this particular type of
stammering becomes chronic as years go by, after a while ter-
minating in an aggravated type of the difficulty."

Here we have a prognosis thrown in. The trouble
will get worse unless the patient undergoes treatment.
The facts become more disconcerting when one notes
that the diagnosis is given in a form-letter, and that
these alarming cases must therefore be exceedingly
common. There is hope, however, if the stammerer
is quick to seize the opportunity; for in the form-
letter the principal says, "I am satisfied from the
description furnished by you, that your case will
yield readily to my treatment, and am positive I can
cure you."

Most American "speech specialists" offer "pros-
pectives" "flat rates" for an unlimited course of
tuition. Charges for board and lodging during the
unlimited course are naturally extra. The tuition-
rates are usually "special."

"The plan of reduced rate for tuition herein provided for
will give to you, and to a limited number of others, an oppor-
tunity to be cured of stammering, at a price very much less
than the amount I have ordinarily charged. Regularly my
price for tuition has been from One Hundred to Two Hundred
Dollars and upwards according to the severity of the difficulty,
the average pupil having paid me about One Hundred and
Fifty Dollars for treatment. I am willing, however, if you will
enter within four weeks from the date of this letter, to accept
you for treatment for One Hundred and Forty Dollars, which