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"STAMMERING-SCHOOLS"                 295

will entitle you to my GUARANTEE OF AN ABSOLUTE

The following offer by a Canadian principal is also
very lenient:

"Regarding the cost of tuition, the fee varies from $100.00
to $500.00 according to the severity of the case. Owing to
the nature of your trouble, we will accept you for tuition for

Usually the fees are rapidly reduced if the stam-
merer does not capitulate. The one hundred and
forty dollar fee, mentioned above, ultimately shrinks
to fifty-five:

"Regarding terms for tuition my special Fall and Winter
Term announcement (a copy of which I enclose) is self explana-
tory. You will notice I am making a reduced rate to pupils
who enter on or before Dec. 3oth. My regular price for tui-
tion has been from One Hundred to Two Hundred Dollars
according to the severity of the difficulty, in fact the average
pupil has paid me about One Hundred and Twenty-five Dollars.

"For the reason explained in the enclosed printed circular
I have decided for a short time to reduce my rate, thus giving
many who would otherwise be unable to come an opportunity
to get cured of their difficulty. I am willing to accept you for
treatment for Fifty-five Dollars on condition that you enter on
or before Dec. joth, and feel sure that it will pay me to do
this as when you return home cured, I am satisfied that
others from your locality who may stammer, learning of
your success and cure will gladly come to my institution for