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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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This special offer (for the purpose of placing a cure
in every locality) was addressed to a stammerer in
New York, where the "specialist" had guaranteed
hundreds of cures already.  But who would dis-
parage the virtue of perseverance ?

The "prospective" can usually get a reduction on
the quoted rates by giving his fellow-stammerers the
Judas-kiss. He has merely to send in the names and
addresses of a number of possible victims, and the
"specialist" at once makes a concession. The fol-
lowing is from the literature of an "auto-suggestive
correspondence stammering-school":

"The price of the course is ten dollars, but at present we
wish to increase our correspondence list and will therefore
make you a special offer. Send us five dollars with the names
and addresses of twenty persons who stammer and you will be
admitted as a regular student any time within the next two

Name-gathering contests are frequently held by
"enterprising" American institutions. One institu-
tion offers the following trophies:

" First Prize.  A complete course of  treatment at the
-Institute for Stammerers will be given ABSOLUTELY

FREE OF CHARGE to the person who sends the largest num-
ber of names, with correct addresses, of persons afflicted with
stammering or stuttering.

" Second Prize.  A complete course of treatment at the
- School for Stammerers will be given for Twenty-five
Dollars to the person sending the second largest number of