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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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"STAMMERING-SCHOOLS"                 297

names, with correct addresses, of persons afflicted with stam-
mering or stuttering.

''Third Prize.A complete course of treatment at the
----- Institute for Stammerers will be given for Fifty Dol-
lars to the person who sends the third largest number of
names, with correct addresses, of persons who stammer or

" Other Prizes,  Persons who enter in the contest, but fail
to win one of the first three prizes, will receive credit for any
number of names they may send, and will be rewarded by a
reduction on their tuition fee,"

A rival Institution, holding a similar competition,
decrees the following:

" Rules and Regulations Governing the Contest.

" i. Persons wishing to enter this contest may, if they wish,
secure the assistance of their friends by sending them our Name
Sheets, with a request that they write upon them the names of
persons whom they know to be afflicted with stammering, and
forward direct to us. Each name sheet must be carefully and
properly signed with the name and correct address of the person
who wishes to receive credit for it.

" 2* If more than one person furnishes us with the same
name, credit will be given only to the person whose letter reaches1
us first,

** 3. Letters pertaining to the competition will be opened
by us in regular succession as received, and credit at once given
to the sender.

" 4, Any name sent which has been previously furnished us,
will not be counted to the credit of the sender.

" 5. Credit will not be given for names of persons who stam-
mer who are under six years of age or over sixty.