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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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number of            thry will tw                                     iiitl the
competition             ui        lor an                                    lit
price will In*              lo the ow who h** *rm u* the


117,                                        ifi Any lUi tlir         *rf nitf

who       mil                  the             *ht*

tor the llt *iU                br                                          a


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fdderate.   Ht* tt-lls yu to *4         it >vm

plainly;1* and, I cviw ym an*                 n{

he             **i                nrt it*                                    10

aay of llr                                      ym                    me

anci will not in any                                     lu

the            uf llif In{ir$itafliii/*

Aaoth**r of our lfHjw*ia!i*HM         a fm*             to

my ont* that ran fiml tiw                lor WH

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of time tht-y can hold llir         ; and         (w tn
in tht?                    am!

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toifttl                                     " i*#i                         til

In         ttsit they may                                                              tte

ffr,              i