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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Usually the principal's reply is evasive. He will
aver that he has the only natural and scientific method;
he will insist that he treats the cause and not the
symptoms; he will declare that his system is estab-
lished on an educational basis, or that it is founded on
physiological, psychological, ethnological, cosmologi-
cal, and other natural laws.

Or, as often as not, the great "speech specialist"
will lie:

" The aim of the instruction of the ----- School is to

teach pupils to speak as others speak, without undue effort,
in a manner that is natural."

The method of [this school is time-beating, and the

!;!f|                      student never employs natural speech during the

I'lfi                      entire course of speech-training.1    Many "special-

jtjijlj                     ists" write books or prospectuses  condemning un-

|l;j                     natural methods, and resort to the vilest expedients

!|||                    in practice.   The stammerer is thus misled by their

|$ij                    literature, and deceived or thwarted in any inquiries

1^; j                    in which he may engage.

',m                        The average "speech specialist," instead of offering

|!!;                      the stammerer a definite and describable system, will

;||;                     proffer him a great discovery:

'\ i| [''                            " I at last, when almost ready to give up in despair, originated

i'ij'ij'l                       a method by which I quickly accomplished that which money

!, , j i j                              l The word " aim " in the quoted sentence might be used in defence.

M'i''!                          But, none the less, the sentence is framed to conceal, rather than re-

i "!l!, i                          veal, the truth.