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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Mm as soon as you are cured, or HuhHtantially benefited, nut!

not before.   Then and there negotiations will               The

promising quack will never ntand behind his pwmisei. . , .
This is the final test of quackery which           of the ilk can


The stammerer would do well to avoid as Incompe-
tent or disingenuous the man that offer** a "home-
course" or correspondence treatment.   He            do
well to avoid the man with the ** Application Blank,"
and likewise the guarantors! the scientific "diaguosttrs,"
and the discoverers.   lit* would do well to avoid
that write on blighted lives, and men that warn stum-
merers of future* terrors.   He would do well to
men that are too ardent in                 their         al-
truism and the brotherhood of the            race;
that are by their own confesnion the  la*t word In
speech-specialism;   and men that tttrr all
He would likewise do well to avoid men with *4rttpy-
righted methods/9 and men with
cheaper week by week; and           to avoid        and
methods that will not stand the fullest
This "Great Secret11 guarded hy MK|Huu*.hfiptH;ialiHt.sH
is the fact that the stammerer is          "tmntm*d.M

1 Some            figft tiir writer HAW thin teat                t<* *

stutter-healer,   Hit* Pnifensur guiimtiteint In
!nHtantaneoun!y for   twenty-rive ilallir*,   Tlw   |»fm{*cui\p

»uggr*itefl that la* would glvr a written                     t« jwv A

dollars If the riire WITO rfwlrii, hut               If the l*r<rfrfi**rf!» ^>*irm

failed,   Ttir Prufinisiir n*^|wiid«i thai                    ii«t lii»                »f