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j                                          " STAMMERING-SCHOOLS"                 305


!                    When all these men are eliminated, there will be

!                 decidedly fewer persons treating stammering.   Those

(                 remaining will be of two classes: the good-hearted

and well-meaning souls that know nothing about the

malady, and  the  ingenuous  and  more intelligent

students of  stammering  as  a deep  and intricate

j                 psychological problem.   Men of the latter class are

almost   exclusively   physicians,   and   the   best   of

them are undoubtedly found in the German Empire.

 Probably the stammerer would learn little from

these men that is not accessible in reputable mono-

,                 graphs; but he might benefit from personal contact

*                 with good teachers and from association with other


Much success has been achieved by a few stammer-
ing-schools established especially for young children.
We have already emphasized the fact that during

!                 childhood, when the secondary causes have not yet

supervened, stammering usually yields readily to
rational treatment But it is not by any means nec-

|                essary, and perhaps by .no means desirable, that a

young cMld be incarcerated in an institution. An
intelligent mother can usually accomplish all that is
possible for a stammering child if, instead of supinely

'                waiting for him to "outgrow"- the difficulty, she will

undertake to combat the impediment.
In the first place, the child must himself be induced