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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Abacus; An instrument used in counting; often consisting of a
framework with colored balls strung on wires.

Aberrant: Abnormal*

Ablation: Removal; cutting out.

Abortion: Figuratively, an undeveloped object.

Abortive: Fruitless; imperfect; undeveloped,

Absolute: Supreme; all-powerful.  Perfect; complete.

Absolution: Forgiveness; pardon; removal of penalties.

Absolve: To free; liberate.

Abstract thought: Thought that regards relations between
things; thought not primarily concerned with material

Abstraction.: Inattention; absence of mind.

Acceleration: A quickening in motion.

Accentuation: The marking of the accented syllables in a word;
the act of emphasizing.

Accessorial: Same as accessory,

,Accessory: (adjective) Contributing; additional; holding a sec-
ondary position,

Aocwsoty: (mm) An accessory object.

1 Words that have been defined when introduced in the body of the
book are, with a few exceptions, not included in the glossary. Such
words should be sought in the index. The definitions given are not
Intended to be lexicographically exhaustive and accurate; they are
framed merely to give practical assistance where occasion may re-
quire. The definitions are written for both English and American

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