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310                               GLOSSARY

Accessory muscles: The smaller muscles of the body producing^
delicate movements.

Acclimated: Accustomed to a climate.

Accredited: Authorized; allowed; received with reputation.

Accrue: To arise; proceed; come; be added.

Achoppement syllabique: The accidental interchanging of con-
sonants or syllables.

Acoustic: Relating to sound or hearing.

Acquisition: The act of acquiring; the thing acquired.

Actuate: To put into action; move; incite.

Acumen: Intelligence; sagacity.

Adduce: To bring forward; offer; present; cite.

Adenoids: An abnormal growth at the back of the nose.

Adjacent: Near; adjoining; bordering.

Adjunct: Help; aid; addition; accessory.

Adjunctive: Joining; connecting.

Adolescence: Youth.

Advent: Approach; arrival.

Adventitious: Accidental; casual.

Esthetic: Pertaining to good taste, etc.

Affect: To act upon; concern; touch.  To imitate.

Affection: Feeling; emotion.  A disease; a disturbance.

Afflux: Flow.

Affluxion: Flow.

Agglomeration: Mass; cluster; collection.

Aggravant: Anything that aggravates or makes worse.       *

Aggravate: To make worse.

Air-column: The breath exhaled under pressure.

Alias: A false name.

Allegory: A figure of speech with comparisons implied; a parable.

Alleviate: To lessen; relieve.

Alliteration: A phrase or sentence having many of the words
commencing with the same letter.