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GLOSSARY                              311

Alliterative: Relating to an alliteration.

Amelioration: Improvement; a making or becoming better.

Amnesia: Inability to arouse the memory images.

Amnesic: Afflicted with amnesia; caused by amnesia.

Amorphous: Without form; shapeless; indefinite.

Amplify: To extend; enlarge.

Amulet: A charm; an object worn as a remedy, or for protection
against evil.

Anaemia: Deficiency of blood.

Anaesthesia: A loss of the sense of touch.

Anaesthetic: Not sensible to touch.

Anaesthetize: To render unconscious by adrninistering chloro-
form, etc.; to render insensible to pain or touch.

Analgesic: Not sensible to pain.

Analogous: Bearing analogy or resemblance.

Analogy: Similarity; likeness; parallel.

Anatomical: Relating to anatomy or bodily structure.

Aneurism of the aorta: A form of tumor in the principal artery
leaving the heart.

Ankylosed: Grown together (said of joints).

Annihilate: To reduce to nothing; destroy.

Anomalous: Irregular; not conforming to custom or rale.

Anomaly: Irregularity; deviation from rule.

Antecedent: Going before; preceding.

Anterior: Before; in front of. Happening before; preceding
in time.

Anthropology: The science or study of man.

Antidotal: Relating to an antidote.

Antidote: Anything tending to prevent or counteract.

Antipathy: Dislike; hatred; aversion.

Antipodal: Opposite.

Antithesis: An opposite; a contrast.

Apathy: Lack of feeling; indifference.