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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Aperture: An opening; a gap.

Aphasia:   Disturbances of speech, perception, memory, etc.,

produced by abnormal conditions in the brain.
Apodictic: Indisputable; above all contradiction.
Apoplectic: Relating to apoplexy.
Apoplexy: The symptoms induced by rupture of a blood-vessel

(usually in the brain).
Append: To add; attach; annex.

Appetence: An instinct; a natural tendency or propensity.
Appose: To apply.

Apposite: Fit; suitable; appropriate.
Approximate: To approach; come near; resemble.
A priori: Inherent; innate; natural.
Arbitrary: Not fixed; left to judgment or chance.
Arraign: To call in question for fault; to accuse formally; to


Arrythmic: Not rythmic.
Articular: Relating to the joints.
Articulation: The pronouncing of consonants; the pronouncing

of-the elements of speech.
Articulo-moteur: A person whose verbal thought is of the motor

Arytenoid cartilages: A pair of small cartilages in the larynx or


Asinine: Ass-like; stupid; silly.
Asphyxia: Suffocation.

Aspirate: A breath-sound;  the letter h or a similar breath-

Assiduous: Diligent; attentive; careful.
Associational: Relating to association (of ideas).
Asthenic: Weakening; depriving one of strength or control.
Atavism: The unnatural recurrence of a trait that was present

in distant ancestors; a trait thus recurring.