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GLOSSARY                              313

Atonic: Without vocal sound or voice; surd.

Atrophy: A wasting away; degeneration.

Attendant: Accompanying.

Attest: To bear witness; certify,

Audible: Capable of being heard.

Audition: Hearing.

Audito-kinaesthetic: See footnote i, voL i, p. 174.

Audito-moteur: One whose verbal imagery is both auditory and-


Auditor: A hearer; a listener.
Auditory: Relating to hearing.
Auditory-motor: Both auditory and motor.
Augment: To increase.

Aural: Relating to the ear; relating to hearing.
Automatism: Automatic action.  An involuntary or automatic

Automaton: An object that moves automatically and without

Autopsy:  A post-mortem examination;  inspection of a body

after death.

Auto-suggestion: Self-hypnotism.

Auxiliary: An aid; an accessory; something employed to assist.
Aversion: Dislike; disgust.
Avouch: To declare; affirm; acknowledge; confess.

Balderdash: Nonsense.
Banal: Commonplace; trivial.
Baton: A staff used by the conductor of an orchestra.
Belladonna: A drug; a medicine.

Biceps: The large muscle in the forepart of the upper arm.
Bi-convex: Convex on both sides; bulging on both sides.
Bicuspids: The fourth and fifth teeth counting from the middle
of the jaw.