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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Bilateral: On both sides; two-sided.

Binary: Double; consisting of two parts.

Biological: Relating to biology, the science or study of life

and living objects.

Bisexual: Being of both sexes; two-sexed.
Bizarre: Odd; peculiar.
Bizarrerie: Oddity; freak.
Boggle: To make a bungle of; perform awkwardly; hesitate;


Bona-fide: In good faith; without deceit; genuine.
Brazier: A pan for holding live coals.
Brochure: A pamphlet.
Bromide of potassium: A drug; a medicine.
Buccal cavity: The cavity of the mouth.
Burlesque: Ridiculous.

Cachexia: General bad health; poorness of nutrition.

Cadence: Modulation; accent; inflection.

Cafe chantant:  A concert-hall or concert-garden where light

refreshments are served.
Calibre: Bore; internal diameter.
Canard: A hoax; a farce.
Capitulate: To surrender.
Cardiac bruit: Abnormal heart sounds.
Cardinal: Chief; principal.

Cartilaginous: Of the nature of cartilage; gristle-like.
Casual: Accidental; occurring by chance.
Cataclysm; A sudden and overwhelming change; a catastrophe.
Catalepsy: Loss of motion and sensation; loss of consciousness;

a trance.

Cataplexy: Complete paralysis; utter prostration.
Categorical: Positive; absolute.
Catholicon: A cure-all; a panacea.