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GLOSSARY                              315

Causal: Relating to a cause or causes.

Causality: The relation between cause and effect.

Causative: Relating to cause.

Cent: A halfpenny.

Centenary: Hie hundredth anniversary.

Central nervous system: The brain and spinal cord.

Cerebral: Relating to the cerebrum.

Chafe: To fret; to become excited or heated.

Chagrin: Vexation; disappointment mingled with shame.

Chaos; Confusion; disorder.

Characteristic: A trait; a feature.

Characterize: To describe; distinguish; designate; mark.

Charlatan: A quack; an imposter,

Chorea: St. Vitus's dance; a disease accompanied by irregular

and involuntary movement of the limbs. :
Chromatic; Relating to color. — Consisting dŁ a succession of

semi-tones.                                         ;                   '4^\

Cirailar letter; A letter mailed In the same form to a number <U

persons.                                  .                                     \

Ctoaxnflex inflection: An inflection involving both ris^and faH

of pitch.                                              ',           .,-       v '„

Circumlocution: A roundabout phrase; a phrase expre^big to1'

idea indirectly.                                         .   ,       -r-   '*

Circumspect: Cautious; prudent. •• •                           '*   -

CXxtimiyent; To gain advantage over; get the better offrout-'.

wit. — To pi^s around in a cirde.

A passage cited or quoted; the act of dtiflgorquotiilLg^
Clank; dang.
Ckvicle: The collar bone,
Clonus: An irregular spasm.
Cluttering: Confused speech in which the words are not properly

articulated.                         .                           •   •

Cottace; To unite; blend; fuse; grow or come together.