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3i6                            GLOSSARY

Coerce: To compel; constrain; force.

Coexist: To exist at the same time.

Cogent: Forceful; convincing; compelling.

Cognate: Allied; related.

Cognizance: Knowledge; observation; notice.

Cognizant: Having knowledge of; knowing.

Coherent: Logically connected; sensible; clear.

Collateral: Secondary; subordinate; auxiliary; attendant.

Colleague: Companion; partner; associate.

Collocate: To set or place together.

Collocation: Grouping; arrangement.

Coloration: The state of being colored; color.

Colossal: Immense; enormous.

Commensurate: Equal; proportional.

Commentary: A comment; a systematic discussion.

Commissural fibres: Fibres connecting the opposite hemispheres

of the brain.

Compensatory: Compensating,
Complementary colors:  Pairs of colors that produce white or

gray when blended.

Complex: A complicated group or system.
Component: Forming a part of a thing; composing; constituting.
Comport: To behave; to conduct.
Composite: Compounded; made up of distinct parts.
Compressive: Characterized by muscular pressure.
Concatenate: To link together; unite in a series.
Concavity: Depression; hoUowness.
Concomitant: Accompanying; attending.
Concrete: Individual; particular; real; material.
Concrete thought: Thought concerning real or concrete objects.
Concur: To agree; assent.
Concurrently: Together; unitedly.
Conduce: To help or tend to bring about as a result*