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GLOSSARY                              317

Confotmation: Form; shape; position.

Conformity:   The act of conforming;  agreement;   correspon-
dence; harmony.

Congential: Existing at birth,

Congeries: Collection; group; assemblage.

Congestion: Excessive accumulation of blood in an organ.

Conjoin: To join; unite.

Conjoined: Joined; associated; combined.

Conjoint; United; connected; associated.

Connate: Existing at birth; congenital.

Consecution: Succession; consecutive order.

Consentaneous: Simultaneous; occurring at the same time.

Consonantal: Relating to a consonant or consonants.

Consort: Companion; partner; associate*

Constrained: Holdback; repressed; embarrassed.

Constrict: To contract; cause to shrink,

Consummate: (adjecMve) Complete; perfect.

Consummate: (verb) To complete; to perfect.

Contemporaneous: Existing at the same time; existing at the
present time.

Conterminous: Contiguous; bordering upon; touching at the

Contiguity: Nearness; proximity; contact.

Contiguous: Adjacent; meeting; touching.

Contingency: Possibility of happening; an unpredictable event.

Contour: Outline.

Contracture: A permanent contraction of muscles.

Contradistinction: Distinction by unlike or opposite qualities.

Contravention: Defiance; violation.

Contretemps: An unexpected accident.

Convalescent:   Relating to convalescence or the recovery of
health after sickness.

Conversableness; A disposition to converse; talkativeness.