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3i8                              GLOSSARY

Conversant: Intimately acquainted; knowing and understanding.

Convolution: A fold; twist; coil.

Convulsions: A disturbance accompanied by violent agitation

of the limbs and body; fits.
Convulsive: Relating to convulsions; marked by intermittent

muscular contractions.
Cooperate: To work or act together.
Coordinate: (adjective) Having equal importance.
Coordinate: (verb) To harmonize; adjust for proper action.
Corollary:  A consequent truth;   a truth following obviously

from another truth already demonstrated.
Corporeal: Bodily.

Correlate: (noun) Counterpart; corresponding part.
Correlate:  (verb) To compare;  arrange;  connect;   determine

the relations between.
Correlation: Relationship; connection.
Cortical: Relating to the cortex or gray matter of the brain.
Cosmological: Relating to cosmology, the science of the universe.
Costal-abdominal: Involving the ribs and abdominal muscles.
Counterpart: A copy; duplicate; corresponding part.
Cranium: The skull.

Crescent moon: The increasing or new moon.
Criterion: Standard; measure; test.
Critique: Criticism.
Culminate: To attain the highest point or degree; to reach a

final effect.

Cumulative: Accumulating; increasing by addition.
Cunei: Plural of cuneus} one of the convolutions of the brain.
Current: Belonging to the present time; in present progress or


Curriculum: A course of study.
Cursory: Hasty; slight; superficial.
Cutaneous: Relating to the skin.