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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Data: Facts; premises; given conditions.

Debilitate: To weaken; enfeeble,

Declaim: Recite.

Declamatory: Relating to declaimed speech or a declamation;

relating to a recitation,
Decussation: A crossing.

Definition: Clearness of outline; clearness of detail.
Deflate: To remove the air from.
Defunct: Dead.
Degenerate: To undergo morbid changes; deteriorate; become

of a lower type.

Deglutition: The act or power of swallowing,
Deleterious: Injurious; harmful; unwholesome.
Delimited: Limited; bounded; confined.
Demarcation: Separation.
Demented: Insane.
Demerit; The opposite of merit; that which deserves blame or

Demonstrative:  Pointing out;  indicating.  Given to strong

exhibition of feeling.
Denominate: To name; caJOL
Deato-labial: A consonant requiring both teeth and lips for its


Depredator: A plunderer; destroyer.
Deprivation: Loss; the state of being deprived of.
Derivative: A word formed from another word.
Desideratum: That which is desirable or desired.
Designate: To point out; indicate; name.
Destitute: Without; unprovided with.
Desultory: Rambling; loose; immethodical.
Detriment: Injury; disadvantage.
Dexterity: SkJQH; erpertness.
Dextrality; Ri^bit-handedness.