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GLOSSARY                              321

Distance-receptor: A sense that gives one knowledge of things at
a distance  of things not actually touching the body.

Distend: To stretch; swell; enlarge.

Diversity: Difference; dissimilarity; variation.

Divine: To ascertain; find out; guess.

Doggerel: Having a loose, irregular measure.

Dollar: Four shining and twopence.

Dorsal: Relating to the back; posterior; behind.

Draughts: Checkers.

Draftsman: One that draws plans or designs.

Dual: Double; consisting of two.

Dubiety: Doubt.

Dynamogenesis: The origin or production of nervous energy.

Dynamometer: An instrument used for testing the strength of
the hand-grasp.

Dyslalia: Difficulty in speech; stammering.

Dyspepsia: Indigestion; chronic indigestion.

Ebullition: A state of agitation.

Eclectic; Selective; picking out; taking here and there; made

from what is selected from different systems.
Bestacy:  Rapture;  enthusiasm;  overpowering emotion;   the

state of being beside oneself.
Educe: To call forth; draw out.
If ace: To blot out; wipe out
Effect: To cause; bring about; accomplish.
Effluent: Outgoing; flowing out.
Effusive: Gushing; pouring forth.
Ego: The self; the subjective or mental self.
Egregious: Remarkable; extreme.
Bin Billet zmn ersten Rang: A ticket for the first circle.
Ein Parkett-MUet: A ticket for the parquet; a ticket for the

orchestra-stalls or the pit.