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322                                GLOSSARY

Elemental: Simple; not compound or complex; of the nature of

an element.

Oliver Apprentice; student.
Elicit: To call forth; bring out
Eliminate: To remove; expel.
Elocution:  The art of correct utterance or delivery of words;

training in correct utterance, etc.
Elongate: To lengthen; extend.
Elucidate: To make clear; explain; illustrate.
Emanate: To come from; issue; proceed.
Embryonal: Relating to embryology, the science of development.
Emotive: Relating to emotion; expressing emotion.
Emotivity: Emotion; capacity for emotion.
Empirical: Relating to experience and observation rather than

to scientific knowledge; used and applied without science;

relating to quackery.

Empiricism: Empirical practice; quackery.
Encomium: An expression of praise; a commendation.
Encroach: To make inroad upon; trespass upon.
Encumbrance: Burden; hindrance; load.
End-organs: Sense-organs.
Endow: To enrich or furnish with.
Enervate: To render feeble; weaken.
Engender: To produce; cause; bring forth.
Enhance: To increase; advance; intensify.
Enigmatical: Obscure; puzzling; relating to a riddle.
Enjoin: To order; direct; admonish; prescribe.
En masse: In mass; as a body; all together.
Enounce: To pronounce; enunciate.
Enregister: To register; record.
Entail:  To involve;  impose;  necessitate;  bring about as a

Entity: A thing existing individually.