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GLOSSARY                              323

fimmdate: To pronounce; utter; articulate.

Envelop: To surround; enclose.

Envkonal: Affected by environment or surroundings.

Ephemeral: Short-lived; brief.

Epilepsy: A nervous disturbance accompanied by loss of con-
sciousness, convulsions, foaming at the mouth, etc.

^phenomenon: An added phenomenon; something occurring
afterwards; something purely secondary.

Epistudft: Nose-bleed,

Equable; Uniform; regular; even.

Equilibiitun: Balance.

Equivalent: Counterpart; representative.

Erasure: Something erased or scratched out.

Erotic: Relating to love; relating to sexual desire.

Erroneous; Marked by error; incorrect.

Erudition: Lea,rning; scholarship.

Eftchew: Avoid; shun.

Et cetera; Etc.; and so forth.

Ethicsl: Relating to ethics, morals, or behavior.

Ether-waves; Waves in the ether, a substance supposed to fill
all space,

Ethnological: Relating to ethnology, the science of the natural
and families of men*

Ittologlail: Relating to etiology, the science of the causes of.

Itpaology * The Mstory of a word; the science that deals with
the history of words.

Itsreka: Literally, '* I have found (it)."

Evanescent; Vanish; fleeting; disappearing.

Evocation: AnevoMng; a summoning; a calling forth.

Evoke? To call forth; summon.

Exacerbation: A growing or making worse.
Exceipt: (noun) A passage quoted; an extract.