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GLOSSARY                              325

factitious: Created by art rather than nature; artificial.

Fallacious: False; misleading; deceptive.

Falsa vocal cords: A pair of membranous folds above the true

vocal cords.
Faradlc:  Relating to an induced current, a current that is

regularly and frequently interrupted.
Faradisation: Treatment with a faradic current
Farcical: Of the nature of a farce.
Fear-neurosis: A nervous disturbance marked by fear.
Febrile: Relating to a fever.
FetlsMstic: Superstitious.
Fiasco: A conspicuous failure; a farce.
Fiats Literally, " let it be done "; the decision to act.
Fidelity: Faithfulness; adherence to truth or fact.
Flmnent: A fibre; a thread.

Filial * Issuing from as offspring; relating to a son or daughter.
Fixate; To focus with the eyes; look at intently.
Flageolet: A musical iostrument somewhat resembling a flute.
Mm: To bend.

Flexibility: The quality of being flexible or pliable.
Fluctuate; To waver; pass back and forth.
foci: Plural of focus.

Focus: A point of concentration; central point.
Formative: Giving form; relating to formation.
Formulate: To give form to; to put or state in exact form.
Frttttum: The small band or ligament beneath the tongue.
fraternity: A brotherhood; an organized body.
Freebooter: One that roams in search of plunder; a robber.
French leave: Secret departure or absence.
Fricative: Marked by friction of the breath.
Friigtl; Sparing; saving*
Fugacious: Fleeting; vanishmg; disappearing.
Fugitive: Readily escaping; fleeting.