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326                              GLOSSARY

Functional : Relating to function or action.
Fundamental: Principal; most important.
Futile: Useless; idle; unavailing; vain.

Galvanic current : The continuous current from a battery.
Gamboge : A yellow pigment ; a yellow coloring substance.
Genera: Plural of genus.
Generic: Relating to a genus ; embracing a large class ; general;

Genesis: Origin.

Genitaiia: The genitals; the sex-organs.
Genus:  A group;  a larger group than a species.  Variety;

kind; sort.

Germane : Related ; closely connected ; appropriate.
Gist: The main point; the essence of the matter.
Glosso-mocnlion : Tongue-lever.
Glottal: Relating to the glottis.
Glottis:   The opening between the vocal cords;  this opening


Gold brick : A worthless object represented as of great value and

sold for a large sum of money.
Gorget : A piece of armor for defending the throat and neck ; a

kind of breastplate.

Grandiloquent: Pompous; bombastic; lofty in speech.
Graphic : Written ; drawn.
Gratuitous : Not warranted by the circumstances ; not justified ;

made or done without sufficient cause or reason.
Gross: Large; extensive.
Guinea : An English coin of the value of twenty-one shillings, or

slightly more than five dollars.
Gustative : Relating to the sense of taste.
Guttural : A consonant or sound produced in the throat.
Gyrus : Convolution ; fold.