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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Habitant: Inhabitant.

Habituate: To accustom.

HomoiThage: Bleeding; an escape of blood from its natural

HtUmdnation:   An abnormal condition in which mental images

arc mistaken for sensations.
Balltidnatory: Relating to an hallucination.
Harmonic: Relating to musical or other harmony.                %

Hashish: A drug,

Hegemoay:  Position of supreme command; leadership;  au-

Hemiplegfe; Paralysis on one side of the body.
Hemisphere: A half-sphere.
HttrecHttMe: Capable of being inherited.
Heterodox: Not orthodox; contrary to a standard or opinion.
Hlattts: A gap j an opening*
Him^yph; A drawing used as a symbol.
Homonym: A word having the same sound as another but a

different meaning.
Homo sapiens: Man.
Horizontal: Level; parallel to the horizon.
Hots de combat: Out of the combat; disabled.
Hortatory: Giving exhortation or encouragement.
Hydrophobia: Dread of water; the disease produced by the bite

of as aiuinal afiected with rabies.

Hygienics Relating to health; promoting health; sanitary.
'Congestion; excess of blood in a part.
; Overgrowth of an organ; overdevelopment.
HypcM&roadria:   Unnatural anxiety concerning the health;  a

state of mental depression; low spirits.
Hypothesis: Supposition; assumption; theory.
Hysteria: A nervous disease in which the patient lacks normal

self-control and may be the victim of imaginary afflictions.