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3a8                              GLOSSARY

Idlo-actWty: Self-induced activity;

Idiosyncracy: A personal peculiarity; an individual

Hktion; Conclusion; deduction; inference*
Illiterate: Ignorant; unlettered.
Illumination: Brightness; a lighting up.

IHution: A false perception;

Imbue: To cause to Imbibe; to infuse; to fill.

Impair; To lessen in value; weaken; enfcelde.

Impel: To urge or drive forward.

Impend; To threaten; to be done at hand or just          to

Impetuous; Hasty; rushing forward; violent
Impinge; To strike or daah agahrnt; collide.
Import: Meaning; sense.

Importuulti': Urgent request; continual

Impotent; Lacking power; disabled;

Improvise: To product* or cwifK» on tlm*       of the

Impugn: To attack by words or ttrpumtati; to

ImpuliioE; I«apul«; the act of Impelling or tiriving,

ImputaWe: That may be imputed U» or                       ;

able; attributable.
Xxuuodity: Any thing inane or fouUah*

Not apt or appropriate.

Not audible or capable of
Inauspicious: Boding 0!; fumishiag ati
Ia<»rcermti: Toahutup; confine; imprbon.
Inception: Begianiiigi coxnmcinc€3iu?nt»
Inceitoous:  Relating to           or

so nearly             that

would be unlawful.

ladwrnte; Rudimentary; inoomplete;
Indpltnt; Beginning;

tod^rt: Tbe four middle testh of cither Jaw,
Incite: To move to action; came ID act;