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GLOSSARY                              329

Incompatible: Contrary; not able to exist together.
Incomprehensible:   Not capable of being comprehended   or


Incontinently: Without restraint.

Incontrovertible: Indisputable; too certain to admit of dispute.
Incodrdinate: Lacking coordination or adjustment.
Incorporate: To include; embody; unite.
Inculcate: To impress; implant; teach; enforce.
Incumbent: Resting upon one as a duty or obligation.
Indelible: Incapable of being blotted out.
Indeterminate: Indefinite; uncertain; not precise.
Index-finger: The forefinger; the pointing finger.
Indiscipline: Want of discipline; deficiency of control.
Indiscriminate:   Without distinction;   confused;   not making


Indite: To compose; write; commit to written words.
Indolent: Lazy; sluggish.
Indubitable: Undoubted; unquestionable.
Induce: To cause; bring on; produce.
Ineptitude: Lack of skill.

Inertia: Resistance; indisposition to move; inertness.
Inexorable: Unyielding; immovable; relentless.
Inexplicable: Not capable of being explained.
Inflection: The raising or lowering of the pitch of the voice;

modulation of the voice.
Ingenuous: Open; frank; honest; sincere.
Inhale; To breathe in; to draw air into the lungs.
Inhere: To be fixed in; to be an inseparable part of.
Inheritable: Capable of being inherited.
Inhibit: To restrain; hinder; check; repress; holdback.
Inimical: Harmful; hostile; unfriendly.
Iniquitous: Wicked.                    ,

Initial: First; placed at the beginning; opening; incipient.