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GLOSSARY                              331

Intrinsic: Real; true; inherent; inward; genuine.

Introspect; To look within the mind; to examine the workings

of the mind.
Intuitive: Perceived by the mind immediately and without any

process of reasoning.

Invective: Abusive; railing; expressing censure or reproach.
Inveigh: To exclaim or raU against; to censure.
Inversion: A reversing; a placing in opposite order.
Invert: To reverse; place upside down; place in opposite order.
Invest: To endow; clothe; dress.
Inveterate: Confirmed in a habit or practice.
Invoke: To call into activity; summon; conjure; appeal to.
Involuntary: Independent of will or choice.
Involvement: The state of being involved or implicated.
Iodide of potassium: A drug; a medicine.
Ipecacuanha: A drug; a medicine.
Irate: Wrathful; angry.

Irradiate: To spread like rays from a center; to diffuse.
Irrelevant: Foreign to the subject; not bearing on the matter

under consideration; inapplicable.
Jrruptive: Invading; rushing in or upon.
Italicize: To print in italics or slanting type.
Itinerant: Wandering; passing or travelling about a country.

Jet* d'esprft: A play of wit or fancy; a joke.
Jocund: Sportive; gay; merry.
J wctee 2 A point of time.

Kaleidoscopic: Resembling the figures of a kaleidoscope; chang-
ing in color and form.

XJnmthetic: Motor; relating to muscular movement

Knee-jerk: The involuntary jerk or kick that results from a blow
delivered immediately below the knee-cap.

Ktdttiraenschen: Civilized people.